Denver Street Mural

Denver Street Art Mural

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Adding color to Denver Elyria-Swansea viaduct below Interstate 70 – This piece is from Surj

Here is a great snap of the 40 ft. Mural ‘Chin Up’ by Denver based artist SURJ, part of the ‘Duct work’ project underneath I-70. The mural is meant to represent battle tested spirit of the community that surrounds the area. With the bold, striking colors, the image is both potent and easily translatable.

I-70 Duct-Work Mural Project

Gamma raises a ladder as he prepares to paint a mural on a column during Duct-Work in the I-70 Viaduct in Denver, Colorado on October 1, 2016. Denver Urban Arts Fund is helping to bring new life to the I-70 viaduct through art. Duct-Work features over 20 artists that are painting murals to bring color to the dark tunnel until the viaduct is destroyed in a few years.

street art

Robin Munro uses spray paint to create a mural on a wall as patrons look on during Duct-Work in the I-70 Viaduct in Denver, Colorado on October 1, 2016.

The murals have an expiration date. Soon, CDOT plans to begin construction on the Central 70 Project, which aims to rejuvenate the I-70 route that passes through the Elyria-Swansea area.  The design includes building a park over the strip where the artists painted their murals. Everything will be demolished at that time.  That is how street art works though, it is meant to be short-lived!

Read more about it here and here

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