Good God

  “Good God”   Rick the Rula! Slick Rick homage mashed up with the Diamond Skull from Damien Hirst “For the Love of God.” The image is a halftone wheat paste with stenciled spray paint. by Surj Visit my main site here SURJ is a Denver based artist, concentrating on Pop art with frequently usedContinue reading “Good God”

Denver Street Mural

Denver Street Art Mural DENVER STREET ART 2016 Here is a great snap of the 40 ft. Mural ‘Chin Up’ by Denver based artist SURJ, part of the ‘Duct work’ project underneath I-70. The mural is meant to represent battle tested spirit of the community that surrounds the area. With the bold, striking colors, theContinue reading “Denver Street Mural”

A Pair Of Shoes

Title A Pair Of Shoes   Artist Surj   Medium Mixed Media – Acrylic On Canvas   Description In the vein of Van Gogh’s working man’s “Pair of Shoes”, comes a stark contrast. Christian Louboutin’s gorgeous heels with an acrylic and spray paint backdrop. Modern and Fashionable 🙂    

Street Fighter Dos

Title: Street Fighter Dos Art description: Ken from Streetfighter throwin MAD LOVE…his multitude of heart ammo brings the kitschy to this fun multilayered stencil piece.   Surj Denver Street Art Artist Street Fighter Dos, Art

Thanks again Colfax!

Just wanted to say thank you to all the fans that voted for my mini-mural for the #ArtOnTheAve contest on #Colfax! Many more to come! Stand by. Peace✌️ Surj