The Chauffeur

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The Chauffeuer

By Surj The Artist 2016


Paying tribute to Duran Duran “The Chauffeur,” this is an homage to my all time favorite video of theirs. The video has an epic film noir feel…..haunting, weird, stylized, sexy, and at that time, extremely edgy. I love the notion of “the Chauffeur.” He takes you on aride, a journey of your choosing, and never mutters a word. So what is he thinking?


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Warhol Has An Army

Warhol has an Army, andy warhol, the terminator,  warhol art, pop art, art gallery warhol


“Warhol has an Army” –  The double iconic imagery of Andy Warhol and 80’s Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Terminator! The black back drop lends itself nicely to the black leather look of the jacket, and black shades. . . . Very little paint is actually applied other than the black. . .  .Some nice modern/post-modern stripes (Gloss Black Vs. Matte Black) give it a streamlined look. 2 of the pieces have some bounced spray paint to give it a bit more a street look to juxtapose the 2 clean canvasses. 4 different looks of the same image. . . . in the vein of Warhol himself, repeat, repeat, repeat! Probably only see about a million more of these before it’s said and done! Where’s Warhol? He’s everywhere. . . .

Medium:  24″ X 24″ Spray & Acrylic on Wood Panel

Gorilla Funk

gorilla funk

Gorilla Funk

Description:  Gorilla Funk is a triple thrill kill, with a subtle 4th gorilla thrown in the mix for good measure. Colorful and fun, this piece is meant for both adults and children alike! Halftones on the Gorillas give it a nice texture. Enjoy!

Artist:  Surj LA

The Big Guns – Warhol And Basquiat

The Big Guns - Warhol And Basquiat

Title: The Big Guns – Warhol And Basquiat

Description: The Big Guns – AKA, the MASTERS! These, are the 2 most influential pop artists of the 20th Centurty, and ironically best friends. Every day, I ask myself, what would Warhol/Basquiat do? When in doubt, I try to channel these two geniuses. They grabbed their market by the throat, and kept it in a stranglehold until the large public had no choice but to tap out and bow to their genius. Although there is no doing REAL justice fort these MegaMinds, the GODFATHERS of modern POP ART. .. . it’s my aspiration to create something, someday to marvel at. . . . till then, I give you ‘The Big Guns!’

Artist: Surj LA

The Two Delevingnes

cara delevingnes,

Title:  The Two Delevingnes

This pays homage to One of Frida Kahlo’s painting’s that resides in the art museum of Mexico City — “The Two Fridas.” The imagae is similar, with Cara Delevingne as the muse for this double portrait. The heart, is less macabre and more POP, pulled from Banksy’s painting. This is a fun, somewhat dark piece. . . . The Two Delevingnes

Artist:  Surj LA

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