Cover Girl



Vector lines of a beautiful woman give this piece an incredible modern feel with the classic Warhol Dollar signs . .. albeit a little “unfocused.”

Fcuk Reality

layer cake movie quotes, daniel craig, sienna miller, layer cake movie

Description:  FCUK REALITY – A scene from one of my favorite films ‘Layer Cake’. Our protagonist is finally going to have his girl . . . or is he? Stencil art with multi colors and the words “FCUK REALITY’ as per the opening montage. . . .Cocaine.


More Is More

cara delevingne interview, cara delevingne art, cara delevingne model


Cara Delevingne in an alluring “eyes to camera” pose. The art piece has several juxtaposing elements: Halftones, vector lines, and light opacity paint for the face & makeup. The rest of the body is much more dense.

Title:  More Is More

Artist:  Surj LA

James Dean PBR

James Dean art, James Dean art prints

Title:  James Dean PBR


Halftone wheat pasted against “Warhol” style PBR multiple wallpaper. THe classic red and blue give it the original feel, with a little green color splash for good measure! Who’s cooler than James Dean? Nobody. . . . .

Artist:  Surj LA

Sexy Beast

don draper, mad men, pop, neo pop, pop art, neo pop art
Title:  Sexy Beast    Description:  A “POP ART” version of the Madmen Advertisement (How apropos.) Multi-Color spray paint on canvas. The back drop is the beautiful Damien Hirst dots. In the foreground, we see our anti-hero, albeit the protagonist of the hit show. . . . what is it exactly that he is transfixed by? Thoughts? Imagination? “I’m not here to talk to you about Jesus. . . ” – Don Draper

Photography Prints

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