Bomb It

  Bomb it, is a phrase associated with street art, or graffiti. The grenade is indicative and represenatative front and center. The Yves Klein Blue juxtaposed with the Gold grenade is a nice pairing. The Campbelll’s soup cans add the classic Warhol “POP” feel.

The Perfect Face

Description Cara Delevingne in a classic silk screen Warholian style. There are few people that have left such an odd, everlasting impression as Andy Warhol. I believe, if he were alive, his top muse would be Cara Delevinge. . . and that is because, he too had impeccable taste 🙂

Warhol Terminator

Title Andy Needs Your Clothes Your Boots And Artist Surj LA Medium Mixed Media – Mixed Media On Canvas Description “I need you clothes, your boots, and your MOTAHCYCLE. . . ” says Arnold. . . ehem, I mean Andy Warhol. The Terminator meets the King of Pop Art. Yves Klein blue with Gold stencilContinue reading “Warhol Terminator”