Serene Starry Night

“Serene Starry Night” – Surj La, 2015 The Joker taking a serene joy ride on this fine “Starry Night.” Multi-Layered stencil, spray with a medley of wonderful colors.

Boba Fett – Warrior 1981

“Boba Fett – Warrior 1981”, Surj LA, 2015 Boba Fett meets “Warrior 1981.” Color palets and simllar patterns abound, coupled witha a unique & super RAD (Basquiat-esque) 20version of the iconic BOBA FETT!  

Boba Fett Li

“Boba Fett Li” – Surj LA, 2015 This is the 4th addition to my “Basquiat Pop” Series. This is the strictly the an ECU of Boba Fett’s Iconic Helmet. Inspired by ALL Things Basquiat, the colors and overall tone, feel and look is intentionally meant to resemble the work of the late, great Basquiat.

King Of New York – art from Surj LA

Patrick Bateman, a Kitchy-bloody fun piece! Red and gold spray paint compliment this Louis Vuitton backdrop. Blood splats and Basquiat crowns = Pop Art Fun!

A Girl and Her Gato, Surj 2015, original art

The thought of a girl walking her pet lion, came from a Hollywood folklore story about an old time actress from the 1930s, not unlike Norma Desmond from the famed movie Sunset Blvd. The actress, rich and eccentric, was known to walk her pet lion down Hollywood and Sunset Blvd. Only in Los Angeles, couldContinue reading “A Girl and Her Gato, Surj 2015, original art”