Pablo – art from Surj LA

Pablo – art from Surj LA DescriptionPicasso in a ‘new vintage’ POP art (Colores) estilo 🙂 . The image has a surreal, almost ‘Vertigo’ feel to it. Black white captures the classic striped style Picasso was known for.

Wealth Management

The Iconic Rolls Royce Phantom – Instantly conjures up images of EXTREME wealth and everything that comes with big money! Stenciled with gold and red spats and drips, the piece is punctuated with wheat pasted Benjamin Franklin 100 Dolllar bills. .It’s all about the Benjamins baby!


Hipster Audrey Hepburn, circa 2015 taking the obligatory ‘Selfie.’ Damien Hirst infused back drop with the iconic colored pattern. Gold. Always gold. ENJOY 🙂 check me out on Fine Art America

A Girl and Her Gato, Surj 2015, original art

The thought of a girl walking her pet lion, came from a Hollywood folklore story about an old time actress from the 1930s, not unlike Norma Desmond from the famed movie Sunset Blvd. The actress, rich and eccentric, was known to walk her pet lion down Hollywood and Sunset Blvd. Only in Los Angeles, couldContinue reading “A Girl and Her Gato, Surj 2015, original art”