Golden Circus

  Title: Golden Circus Artist:  Surj LA Medium: Mixed Media – Acrylic On Canvas Description:  Circus – Nothing is quite as impacting to a young child as their first (second or third) time at the circus. I always enjoyed the behemoth elephants. Watching them do tricks was always something captivating. This is my pop art homage to thatContinue reading “Golden Circus”

Samol Starry Night

Description Van Gogh’s masterpiece “Starry Night” meets street art. An angular, street art laden building, is the perfect foreground for this EXQUISITE backdrop. The “Pop Art” piece is punctuated nicely by the omni-present Jean-Michel Basquiat “Crown.” -Surj LA

The Perfect Face

Description Cara Delevingne in a classic silk screen Warholian style. There are few people that have left such an odd, everlasting impression as Andy Warhol. I believe, if he were alive, his top muse would be Cara Delevinge. . . and that is because, he too had impeccable taste 🙂


Hipster Audrey Hepburn, circa 2015 taking the obligatory ‘Selfie.’ Damien Hirst infused back drop with the iconic colored pattern. Gold. Always gold. ENJOY 🙂 check me out on Fine Art America

A Girl and Her Gato, Surj 2015, original art

The thought of a girl walking her pet lion, came from a Hollywood folklore story about an old time actress from the 1930s, not unlike Norma Desmond from the famed movie Sunset Blvd. The actress, rich and eccentric, was known to walk her pet lion down Hollywood and Sunset Blvd. Only in Los Angeles, couldContinue reading “A Girl and Her Gato, Surj 2015, original art”