Where The Space Buffalo Roam

Where The Space Buffalo Roam is a mixed media by Surj LA which was uploaded on March 31st, 2016.   The mixed media has colors ranging from ultramarine to gamboge and incorporates starry night, modern starry night, and gold foil design themes. Where the “Space” Buffalo Roam. A new vision on an infinite classic Van Gogh’s MasterpieceContinue reading “Where The Space Buffalo Roam”

“I Know I’m Pretty”

“What’s a Drexl?” Asks the protagonist Clarence Worley. . . . A Drexl, is Gary Oldman, in one of his greatest character performances of all time. As the Pimp in True Romance, his persona is big and and his attitude is one part dark & villainous, one part hilarity. “I know I’m Pretty, but notContinue reading ““I Know I’m Pretty””